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Larabars: Fruit, Nuts, Simplicity

Can you tell I love Larabars?  This is after I recieved a great package last Christmas.

I think this was enough to last me through… January?

My favorite thing about each flavor of Larabar is the simplicity of ingredients.  Take Pistachio: Dates, Pistachios, Cashews.  Period.

Or Banana Bread: Almonds, Dates, Unsweetened Bananas.

Even a more complicated-sounding flavor such as Key Lime Pie: Dates, Cashews, Almonds, Unsweetened Coconut, Lime Juice Concentrate.

Lovely.  And tasty!


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2 thoughts on “Larabars: Fruit, Nuts, Simplicity

  1. Dianne on said:

    I love these! My favorites are the pecan pie & coconut cream pie, yum yum…

  2. Carolyn Hack on said:

    I have never tried these, but now I want to! I love Clif brand Nectar bars. The lemon/vanilla/cashew flavor is the best! Ingredients: dates, cashews, goji berries, lemon juice concentrate, vanilla. (All organic.)

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