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In Season: Pomegranates

I was the crazy girl walking down the sidewalk at lunchtime today.

After eating a delicious and nutritious salad, chock full of veggies, chickpeas and kidney beans, I was still a little bit hungry.  Not hungry in the truly physical sense, but more like: “I want something else, something satisfying, something to keep me going until dinner, something sweet, something exciting.”

Does this ever happen to you?

As I walked down the block contemplating what else I could buy, I had an amazing revelation.  This morning I had thrown a pomegranate in my purse as I was leaving because I hadn’t had time for breakfast and it was the first thing I saw in the fridge.

One organic pomegranate that had cost me a mere $1.01 at the food co-op.

So, walking down the block in the afternoon sunshine, I ripped it apart, dyed my fingers red, and savored deliciousness.  I got a lot of stares.

So yes, I was the crazy girl.


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