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No Loves It: Zenergize

Even optimists can’t like everything.

Case in point: Zenergize Energy+ Orange Squeeze Flavor. It tastes like an orange-colored alka seltzer, unsweetened.

While I appreciate its lack of artificial sweeteners, a whole tablet is hard to get down. Even knowing it has many vitamins and minerals, I couldn’t help but feel that I’d rather swallow a multi-vitamin tablet. In addition, the Zenergize disc doesn’t dissolve easily, causing unfortunate clumping and odd swallows of flavor.

I’m hoping that some of the other flavors are better, because some do sound more promising: raspberry, peach, and acai+pomegranate.


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3 thoughts on “No Loves It: Zenergize

  1. Jayne Hillman on said:

    Sampled this product after a 10k run I did and was trying to learn more about it online when I came across your review. I actually tried five or six of the Zenergize products and found the flavors to be really good … especially liked the “Burn” in the Raspberry flavor. I guess everyone’s tastebuds are different !


  2. Hi Jayne,
    Thanks for stopping by. You know, someone else also told me that the other flavors are better. I’m going to try them. Check back!

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