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Economy Candy: Dried cantaloupe and cats

There are two types of people: those who enjoy wandering the aisles of food shops, and those who don’t see the point.

Much like wandering through a bookstore or reading recipe websites, I like to duck into food shops when I’m visiting a new place or just wandering here in New York. I like seeing new products and getting inspiration.

Since my fiance is often with me, and since he’s the type that doesn’t see the point, we’ve come up with a deal: for every food shop he joins me in, I will stop on the sidewalk outside of the next realty company we pass to read all the listings of condos for sale.

My latest food shop was Economy Candy on the Lower East Side. It is a small shop with each nook and cranny filled with chocolates, hard candies, nuts, dried fruits, and even the owners’ cats on the prowl. Better than seeing a rat I guess. I guess?

I purchased dried cantaloupe because I had never seen it or tried it before. It’s quite sweet and delicious. And I’m not really a cantaloupe person.


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2 thoughts on “Economy Candy: Dried cantaloupe and cats

  1. mmmm i love dried cantaloupe. i had it this summer in italy and i had never seen it before or since. i only kind of like the fresh stuff, but i couldnt get enough of the dried cantaloupe.

  2. I didn’t know it was in Italy. I agree with you- fresh cantaloupe is meh, but the dried is downright good.

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