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Handle-less Mugs: You can still hold them

There are two types of people: those whose hands are very often cold and those who are lucky.

Poor circulation, genes, whatever the reason- when your hands are cold, and have been since 5pm or last Saturday or 1993, it’s nice to hold something warm.

I love mugs without handles because I can wrap my fingers around them for maximum benefit.

These were handmade by my friend Ingrid. She insisted I use them, not just set them on my shelf. So I do use them, and I just love them. I even put them in our (mini-)dishwasher.


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2 thoughts on “Handle-less Mugs: You can still hold them

  1. Oh TOTALLY… Hug Mugs are my FAAAVE <33 I love to bring them back into bed with me (and TRY NOT TO FREAKING SPILL HOT ASS TEA ON MYSELF ๐Ÿ™‚ ) while I check my emails and blogs in the A.M. *Sigh, oh the simple pleasures of meee

  2. My hubby makes mugs like these. He also makes goblets, which are quite unique to be photographed. I like mugs than fancy tea cups. But I love tea cups in a Victorian setting table ๐Ÿ™‚ Complicated, isn’t it?

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