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Halloween Season: Love it or hate it

There are two types of people: those who love Halloween and those who don’t.

I love Halloween. I love seeing kids dress up, I love seeing families mill around outside after dark, and I love how it makes people come out of their shells. Halloween is an excuse for people to meet each other, laugh with strangers and make a “to do” about not much.

I am an “out of my shell” person by nature. Extroverted, chatty, animated, easy going: all of the above. For as long as you’ll listen, I’ll tell you pretty much anything, even if I just met you. For me, Halloween is a day that everyone else acts a little more like me.

I once heard that a good indicator of your character is if you would want to be good friends with yourself.

So I guess my answer would be yes, and it wouldn’t even have to be Halloween.

Though I like costumes.


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