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Painless Tech Lesson: Google Reader

There are two types of people: those who use Google Reader and those who do not.

Using Google Reader changes your life. Really. Once you start you will never–never–go back to your old method of reading blogs.

After you’re logged into your Google account and are on the Reader page, you “Add Subscription” for the URL of each blog you read.

Example: “Add Subscription” –> http://www.smorgasbite.com.

You wait a few seconds. My latest posts will appear in bold. You read them. If you want to get to my actual site to vote in the polls, search the archives, or read just generally admire my site, click the title of the post (or the double echelons inside of the grey circle).

There are a thousand additional features, each more amazing, handy and time-saving than the last, but this is all for now. Just get started.

See, wasn’t that painless?


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One thought on “Painless Tech Lesson: Google Reader

  1. Good post.

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