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Photograzing: It will make you hungry

There are two types of people: those who take photos of food and those who don’t.

In recent years, food photographers, particularly amateur, have multiplied. Ten years ago it would have been pretty shocking if a friend photographed her plate at a restaurant or cocktail party, but today she’d likely be one of several. Pocket-sized digital cameras and iPhones facilitate convenience and are slightly less conspicuous… slightly.

Photograzing is a cool site that displays food photos collected by submission to the site. The above snapshot features my Green Pea Thyme Dip in the center, along with recipes to my left and right (or, for anyone convinced that cupcakes are not going out of style, my bottom left) that are a click away from the recipes . Photograzing is a great way to discover good recipes and interesting blogs, not to mention make sure you’re really hungry by lunchtime.


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2 thoughts on “Photograzing: It will make you hungry

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