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In Season: Concord grapes

There are two types of people: those who like “purple drink,” artifically-grape-flavored-juice, and those who won’t admit it.

I have fond memories of purple drink, even if I was only allowed to drink it a couple of times over the course of my childhood. It tastes like grapes should taste. My mom is horrified to read this, I’m sure. (She’s very far into the denial end of the purple drink enjoyment spectrum.) And unlike Dave Chapelle, I don’t think skin color is so influential here.

Enter concord grapes, in season currently. My bunch came from a farm in upstate New York. They taste like all of the delicious, sweet goodness of purple drink, and they’re FRUIT. =Healthy! =Nutritious! There are two little pesky seeds inside each grape, which you may choose to ignore the best you can and swallow, or meticulously retrieve and set aside.

Still, though. You can’t go wrong. Best part is? It’s always cool to admit you like concord grapes. Mom?


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