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Shady Maple Farms Syrup: The real deal

There are two types of people: those who love real maple syrup and those who prefer the imitation variety.

I was raised on the imitation. It’s cheaper and easier to find. We even had bottles that you could put in the microwave that had a square that would light up when the syrup was hot. Now I’m far too worried about plastic (and microwaves, for that matter) to ever go back to that.

Besides, now I’m addicted to the real deal. Shady Maple Farms in Canada makes a delicious organic syrup in a pretty glass bottle. In the photo it’s all used up. Its last drops went onto a sweet ginger pancake yesterday morning.

Maple syrup is much more expensive, but I love the intense flavor. I would love to try Grade B syrup since I’ve read the flavor is even deeper, but Grade B seems hard to come by. Where do you find it?

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