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Vosges Chocolates: Heaven in a bite

There are two types of people: those who like smooth, plain chocolate and those who like doctored-up chocolate.

I’m a snob when it comes to quality chocolate and, with that assumption understood, I love chocolate with stuff in it. I appreciate chocolate more when there are various textures as I chew. It makes me slow down and enjoy what I’m eating. With smooth chocolate it’s all too easy to start daydreaming and then realize, after I’ve swallowed, “whoops, I forgot to taste that.”

Vosges makes some great chocolate. The above photo is the bottom-tier of their Exotic Caramel 2-Tier Hatbox. Each delicious piece has distinct flavors and, yes, textured fillings: nuts, seeds, sugars, extracts, cremes. There is a handy map which makes tasting each more of a game and less of a mystery.

I’m noticing on the website that there are caramel marshmallows. And peanut butter bonbons. And chocolate tortilla chips.

Oh my.

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