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Fiestaware: Retail, outlet, obsessive compulsive satisfaction

There are two types of people: those who love symmetry, order, sameness and predictability in their dinnerware, and those who are totally confused by what I just said.

For people nodding from the start, I probaby don’t have to tell you that the photo is of Fiestaware. My sister loves it. When my grandma asked her what she would like as a high school graduation present, my sister- 17 years old- answers, “Fiestaware.”

Getting married this year, at age 27, her infatuation persists. Gift registries are amazing things. She finally got enough Fiestaware to entertain grand dinner parties and teach future children all of the rainbow’s colors.

Luckily she lives in Missoula, Montana, where I took the above photo. A shop downtown sells amazing quantities of the stuff. I can imagine that store could be good (or bad?) for an obsessive compulsive employee. You could spend all day re-stacking, re-organizing, re-aligning.


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3 thoughts on “Fiestaware: Retail, outlet, obsessive compulsive satisfaction

  1. I just was at import market in downtown Missoula and purchased a few pieces of Fiestaware to start my collection and did a quick search on Google to explain to someone what Fiestaware is. Your flickr account with this photo was on the top page of results, and I didn’t even type in Missoula. Small World.

  2. Nancy Senne on said:

    Thanks, this is my store. We have the largest open stock in the United States. We have things no one has ever seen before. Worth the drive. 406-728-2175

  3. Sharon Asher on said:

    Sam, you were wonderful over the phone with my order. Thanks for having just what I needed!!

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